Is the weight important?

When choosing a cloth, consider the construction over the weight to ensure you are buying a quality product.  The finer the yarn the more pick (thread count) per inch.  The density is important, the closer the ball is to the slate, the faster the ball will run and the cloth will last longer.  Humidity and the tightness of fitting are two factors which also have an impact on speed.


What is the difference between Wool and worsted?

WOOL: Woven with yarn that is made from long and short fibers twisted together to make a bulky yarn with a fuzzy surface.  Wool is less expensive and shows marks and chalk less as the looser weave and construction allows chalk to go through the cloth.  A wool cloth can tend to pill causing the ball to run slower and shed fibers making it less durable.

WORSTED: Woven with yarn that is combed to remove the short fibers, making the cloth smoother.  Balls run faster with much more consistent speed.  Worsted is more durable and will not compress to form gullies on the table.


What are the factors that can increase the cost of cloth?

The composition of types of wool; Coarser wool is cheaper, finer merino wool is more expensive.  Nylon is more expensive than polyester.

Lead Time: 6-8 weeks before logo cloth ships from London England.