Why Choose Hainsworth ELITE-PRO

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  • Impressive Speed
  • Highly Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Protective spill guard prolongs the appearance and life of the cloth
  • A variety of 22 different colors to match any home décor
  • Industry recognition for use in pool halls
  • Individually packed, made to measure sets
  • Made in England

 In addition to the above, Hainsworth cloth stands apart due to the processes used in manufacture.

Finer yarn, meaning greater picks (thread count) per inch.
Quality dye chemicals that coat the fibers better and are less likely to fade.
Extensive finishing to remove loose fibers to ensure smoothest, flattest surface, increasing ball speed and consistency.
Durability, stretch, and quality of fiber checked at every stage of manufacturing.
State of the art modern manufacturing machinery to guarantee quality and consistency of cloth.

Colorful home colorful table 

The same detailed and measured approach to color matching and light fastness applied to the iconic uniforms of the Queen’s guards outside Buckingham Palace are also applied to each of the 22 colors of ELITE-PRO.  This means that each color remains vivid and true and that they are able to offer a variety of colors to match all styles of your home interior, from classic to unusual and everything in-between!


Protected against family life

Hainsworth ELITE-PRO has a unique protective spill proof finish, developed using the same technology that protects your firefighting heroes, ensuring your cloth performs better and lasts longer.

Spill Guard protects your table against spills such as beer, wine, cola, and soda ensuring that the liquid is kept on the face of the cloth rather than sinking in.  This means with a quick wipe, the spill is gone and play can resume with no damage to the look or play of your table.


Hainsworth Recommendations and advice 

Encouraging and enforcing proper discipline amongst table users will considerably extend the lifetime of the cloth and maintain its appearance. 

Please do the following

  • Brush to remove Chalk
  • Vacuum occasionally
  • Use a damp cloth to remove the chalk so it does not go through the cloth


Refrain from

  • Spinning coins
  • Dropping balls or heavy objects onto the table
  • Using cues with sharp edges or ferrules
  • Smoke or drink over the table
  • Chalk cues over the table as the dust builds up and acts as an abrasive
  • Not replacing worn or missing rack spot markings


In any pure wool cloth, the fibers can become damaged in areas of heavy use.  This can appear as white marks and lines.  This effect is known as fibrillation, caused by the breakdown of the outer protective scales of the wool, exposing the inner fiber structure.  This can cause an optical illusion, by reflection of the light on the exposed fibers.

It should be remembered that fibrillation is not a fault but part of the process of wear and tear of any wool cloth.  It has no significant effect on the playing performance but can be accelerated by poor maintenance and table discipline.