Deluxe Billiard Play Kit | Pool Table Accessory Kit

Deluxe Billiard Play Kit | Pool Table Accessory Kit




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Holland Gameroom Pool Table Basic Accessory Kit

The billiard table accessory kit from Holland Gameroom is the perfect addition to any pool table.  The Deluxe Billiard Table accessory kit contains everything needed to get your game room, man cave, fun garage, she-shed, rec room, or basement ready for action and more!!  The pool table accessory kit includes tools to help you maintain your Holland Game Room pool table throughout its life.  The billiard table play kit comes with everything you need to get your play on!  The Billiard play kit Cue Balls are made from poly-resin.

What the Kit Includes:

  • Eight Ball Billiard Triangle Rack
  • Nine Ball Billiard Diamond Rack
  • Complete Set of balls
  • Four (4) Cue Sticks
  • Bridge Stick
  • Basic Wall Cue Stick Rack
  • Two (2) Felt Brushes
  • Heavier Duty Pool Table Cover
  • Booklet; How to Play Pool Right by George Fels with Alvin Blick


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